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CAMMUS GT1 Steering Wheel With Button box and Carbon Fibre Paddle shifters

CAMMUS GT1 Steering Wheel With Button box and Carbon Fibre Paddle shifters

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Introducing the CAMMUS 13-Inch GT1 Racing Wheel with Multifunctional Hub, a high-performance racing accessory designed to take your driving experience to new heights. This exceptional wheel combines a sleek and durable design with advanced functionality for ultimate control on the track.

Precise and Stylish Design The CAMMUS GT1 wheel features a sturdy aluminum alloy construction, ensuring both durability and lightweight performance. With a 320mm round leather wheel, you'll experience a comfortable grip and enhanced maneuverability during intense racing sessions. The combination of strength and style sets the CAMMUS wheel apart from the competition.

This racing wheel offers an impressive array of controls at your fingertips. The hub features a sleek black carbon fiber panel that exudes sophistication and a CNC bottom shell for added durability. The two carbon fiber shift paddles provide precise shifting capabilities, while the four operating buttons, two rotary buttons, one momentary 3-way switch, and one standard 3-way switch give you complete control over your racing experience.

Upgrade Your Racing Experience With the CAMMUS GT1 Racing Wheel, you'll experience unmatched control, precision, and style. From its comfortable leather grip to the advanced multifunctional button box with paddle shifters, every detail is meticulously designed to enhance your racing performance. Take your driving skills to the next level with CAMMUS and revolutionize your racing experience like never before.

CAMMUS GT1 Racing Wheel with Button Box is only compatible with other V3 range products or newer.

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