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Logitech Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

Logitech Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

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Elevate your Logitech G27, G29, G920, or G923 steering wheel experience with the Magnetic Shifter. Crafted with sim racing and sim driving enthusiasts in mind, bid farewell to lackluster paddle shifter feedback and embrace the epitome of swift, seamless shifts.

Featuring 4x8mm neodymium magnets, the Magnetic Shifter Mod delivers a gratifyingly authentic shifting experience. Constructed with robust PLA+ material, durability is paramount, ensuring enduring performance through countless races. Installation is effortless—simply flex the mod to conform to your steering wheel and affix it securely with the included screw and nut.

The not only enhances stability but also minimizes shift paddle travel, facilitating lightning-fast and pinpoint-accurate shifts.

** Can be printed in almost any colour, Just let us know, simply google PLA+ colours to see what's available. Ships within 3 working days

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