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Racecrafts NZ Sim Racing LED Button Box/Controller Console, 17x Push Buttons, 4x Potentiometers

Racecrafts NZ Sim Racing LED Button Box/Controller Console, 17x Push Buttons, 4x Potentiometers

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Introducing the Racecrafts NZ Sim Racing Button Box Programmable Controller – your ultimate companion for an immersive and dynamic sim racing experience. This controller is packed with features that will elevate your gaming sessions to new heights, making it a must-have addition to your racing setup.

Feature Highlights:

  1. LED Engine Start Button: Get your engines roaring with the vibrant LED Engine Start Button, adding a touch of realism to your sim racing adventures.

  2. LED Momentary Push Buttons: Experience precise control with 5 LED Momentary Push Buttons, each offering tactile feedback with a quality metal finish.

  3. Potentiometers for Fine-tuned Adjustments: Racecrafts NZ understands the importance of precision in sim racing. That's why we've included 4 front mounted Potentiometers that allow you to fine-tune your settings with unparalleled accuracy.

  4. Standard Momentary Push Buttons: With 6 standard momentary push buttons at your disposal, you'll have quick access to various in-game functions without missing a beat.

  5. Momentary Toggle Switches: Take control of critical functions with 5 Momentary Toggle Switches, ensuring you're always in command of your racing experience.

Durable 3D Printing with PLA+ Filament: The Racecrafts NZ Sim Racing Button Box is built to last, thanks to its construction from high-quality PLA+ filament. This material not only guarantees exceptional durability but also provides a unique, sleek and professional appearance.

Angled Console Design: Designed for ergonomic excellence, the angled console design ensures that your controller is not just functional but also comfortable to use during extended racing sessions. Say goodbye to wrist strain and hello to superior control.

Convenient Mounting Feet: Installing the Racecrafts NZ Button Box is a breeze, thanks to its built-in mounting feet. Simply secure it to your racing rig, and you're ready to hit the virtual track.

Whether you're a seasoned sim racer or just getting started, the Racecrafts NZ Sim Racing Button Box Programmable Controller is the ultimate tool to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready to take control, achieve precision, and push your racing skills to the limit with this outstanding accessory. Upgrade your setup today and feel the difference that Racecrafts NZ brings to your virtual racing world.

**This is made to order, can be made in any colour (Everything except toggle switches can be customized) , simply email us with you choices and we will work with you. Random colours will be selected if none are chosen. This box is made and shipped within 10 working days. 

***This works as a button controller, can be used on any game, not just sims, with mappable buttons (game must accept controller input)

1x Momentary Metal LED Engine start button
2x 20mm momentary buttons
5x Momentary toggle switches with waterproof caps
5x Momentary Metal LED buttons
4x Mini Momentary Buttons
4x Front mounted Potentiometers with Coloured Caps
3D Printed PLA+ Case (can be made to any colour)
Powered by ARDUINO , compatible with PC only (USB cable provided)

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