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RacecraftsNZ DriftX Series Sim Racing LED Button Box

RacecraftsNZ DriftX Series Sim Racing LED Button Box

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RaceCraftsNZ DriftX Series Button Box

Take Control of Your Race

Experience unparalleled control and immersion with the RaceCraftsNZ DriftX Series Button Box. Designed specifically for sim racing enthusiasts, this advanced button box elevates your racing setup with its exceptional build quality, unique customization options, and intuitive interface.


  • 3 Mini Momentary Buttons: Quick and responsive, these buttons ensure every command is executed with precision.
  • 6 Metal LED Buttons: Durable and stylish, these buttons feature integrated LEDs that provide clear feedback and enhance the visual appeal of your setup.
  • 3 Toggle Switches: Easily accessible and reliable, these switches offer additional control options for a more authentic racing experience.
  • Unique Vinyl Wrapped Faceplate: Stand out from the competition with our distinctive, high-quality vinyl faceplate that adds a touch of style to your rig. Want to change to another colour vinyl? No problem just let us know
  • Programmable LED Vertical Text: Customize your button box with the vertical LED display on the side. Use SimHub software to program the LEDs for various functions such as rev limiter alerts, race flags etc, we can customize the text to any wording up to 12 letters
  • Arduino Powered for PC: Enjoy seamless compatibility and reliable performance, powered by Arduino technology. A USB cable is included for easy connectivity.
  • 3D Printed in PLA+ filament: 120x180x70mm, Pre-drilled mounting holes in the back. Can be customized to any colour you want, simply let us know

Why Choose RaceCraftsNZ?

  • Customization: Tailor your button box to your exact preferences with programmable LEDs and customizable text.
  • Quality: Constructed with premium materials for durability and a professional look.
  • Performance: Responsive buttons and switches ensure your commands are executed without delay, giving you the edge on the track.

Elevate Your Sim Racing Experience

Whether you're a drifting enthusiast or a sim racing professional, the RaceCraftsNZ DriftX Series Button Box is the perfect addition to your setup. Take control of your race and push your performance to the next level.

**This is made to order, can be made in any colour (Everything except toggle switches can be customized) , simply email us with you choices and we will work with you. This box is made and shipped within 5 working days. 

***This works as a button controller, can be used on any game, not just sims, with mappable buttons (game must accept controller input)

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