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RaceCraftsNZ LED Shift Light Module, 16LEDS, Programmable

RaceCraftsNZ LED Shift Light Module, 16LEDS, Programmable

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Introducing the RaceCraftsNZ LED Shift Light Module, the ultimate addition to your sim racing setup. Designed to emulate the immersive experience of real racecar shift lights,  module features 16 programmable LEDs, offering unlimited customization.

Seamless integration with Sim Hub , you will have complete control over each LED, allowing you to tailor your shift light display to your preferences and gaming style. Whether you're chasing the checkered flag or fine-tuning your lap times, the RaceCraftsNZ LED Shift Light Module enhances your simulation experience with precision and authenticity.

Powered by Arduino technology, this module connects effortlessly to your PC using the supplied USB cable, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Transform your racing simulator into a true cockpit environment as you monitor shift points, track conditions, and more with the flicker of LEDs that mirror those found in professional racecars.

Not just limited to shift lights, this versatile module can also simulate flags, traction control indicators, and other essential racecar features, adding another layer of immersion to your virtual racing experience.

**Can be printed in any colour, with or without the vinyl carbon fiber wrapped front. 
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